If you use glasses, even just for reading, bring them!

Escape Room

What are escape rooms?

Escape games, also known as escape rooms and exit games, have increased in popularity in recent years. The themes vary but the principle is still the same – you get locked in a room and have to escape within 60 minutes. Escape rooms can now be found all over the World but there is only one Mystery Cube and it has landed in London!

Is it physical?

The Mystery Cube and contents are suitable for use by 20th-21st Century humanoids. You don’t need physical strength or acrobatic skill, it is all in the mind. If something doesn’t want to open don’t force it! There must be an alternative way to open it that you haven’t found…yet.

You DO need

Common sense, lateral-thinking, problem-solving, teamwork.

You DO NOT need

 physical strength, mobile phones, or special tools (unless you find them inside!).

Your Mystery Cube Mission 

When should we arrive? I’m running late!

Please make sure all members of your group arrive 10-15 minutes before your booking time for your Mission Briefing. This is a scheduled live event so if you are late the time will be taken off your Mission! If you are running late, please contact us to let us know.

Is it scary?

Although the Mystery Cube is Top Secret, we can assure you that there are no frights, shocks or scary things inside. There are also no ultra-bright or strobe lighting effects.

Can we take photos during our Mission?

The Mystery Cube is a sensitive and top-secret area! No recordings can be made or photographs taken inside the Mystery Cube! Use of mobile phones, cameras and any recording devices (audio, video) is not permitted inside the Mystery Cube. Mystery Cube expects Cubenauts not to disclose any details of the Mission directly or indirectly to the public.

I am claustrophobic – will I be ok?

The Mystery Cube is an enclosed space with no natural light, designed (we think) to withstand the rigours of intergalactic travel. Those who suffer from claustrophobia should be aware of this. Since the Mystery Cube landed, many Cubenauts with claustrophobia have been inside and no one had any issues – there is lots to keep your mind occupied! If you get distressed, you will be able to release yourself very quickly so don’t worry!

What is your behaviour policy?

Take care of the Mystery Cube and its contents – use, don’t abuse! Any deliberate damage to The Mystery Cube, its contents or the premises will be reported to the Police. Also, the person who booked the Mission is financially responsible of the demage the group might cause.

Can we bring food and drink?

Please do not bring food, liquids, mobile phones or cameras or teleportation devices into the Mystery Cube. It is a sensitive and top-secret area. We provide secure storage for your belongings.

The Venue 

Is there parking?

Weekday office hours: You cannot park in front of the building, however there are parking zones on the nearby roads.

Weekends and evenings: You may be able to park in one of the bays along the front of the building if available – BUT NOT THE TWO BAYS MARKED WimbledonSheetMetal. If no bays are available please park in a nearby road.

Where can we leave our stuff?

We provide secure storage for your belongings.

Do you have a Fire Safety Procedure?

Yes, and our premises have been inspected by the London Fire Brigade.

Are there toilets?

There are toilets on the premises which you may use before your Mission – and afterwards, if you escape from the Cube, of course. There are no toilets inside the escape room itself.


The Mystery Cube is a confined space and unfortunately there is no wheelchair access. People with mobility issues should contact us to discuss. People with hearing impairments can certainly contribute to a Mission if supported by at least one teammate who is non-deaf. At this point, we feel that Mystery Cube Missions are not suitable for severely visually impaired people but we are keen to evolve to be as inclusive as possible. If this is something you can advise us on, please get in touch!

Booking Questions

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my booking?

We are not able to refund your booking should you cancel as this is a live event and we are under no obligation to reschedule. We get many requests for last-minute bookings so the more notice you can give us that you cannot attend the more chance someone else has to get a Mission! Should you be unable to attend your booked slot please contact us in advance and we will try to offer you a different date and time. If we are able to reschedule your Mission then a £42 fee will be charged. Any discount you received for your original booking will be cancelled but if there is a promotion running at the time of your rescheduled Mission this will be applied. We reserve the right to cancel bookings and will refund ticket costs only or offer an alternative slot.

How do I add extra people to my booking?

If after making a booking you wish to add EXTRA PEOPLE you may do so but the maximum group size of 6 still applies. We will charge you an Additional Person Fee of £24. This must be paid in advance by following the booking process again but this time select Additional Person Fee and choose an available 4am slot.


If you arrive with extra people and have not paid the fee you will be asked to pay it online using your smart phone before your Mission can commence. As we are a scheduled live event please be aware that the delay caused by doing the payment when you arrive could shorten your Mission time. Therefore, we advise that you do this payment prior to arrival. If you have any questions please contact us.

Can we bring more than one team?

Yes, but there is only ONE Mystery Cube so you would need to book CONSECUTIVE slots where available on our booking calendar. Maximum team size is still six, and each team must arrive separately for their allocated start time.

Do you do special arrangements for birthdays?

Sorry, no. We are not able to provide a party area, nor catering. Our only service is the Mystery Cube Escape Room experience.

Can I take people off my booking if they can’t make it?

Unfortunately, we will not reduce your group size cost if members of your team cannot make it. If you are not sure about the final numbers for your group we advise that you secure your desired Mission slot by booking and paying for the number you are sure will attend and then use the Additional Person Fee process to add others if required.

What group sizes are allowed?

Missions into the Mystery Cube are designed for teams of 2-6 people. Groups of 2 should bear in mind they will have to work harder to complete the tasks. If you have a group of 7 or more, please divide into smaller teams and book separate CONSECUTIVE slots.

What are the age restrictions?

The minimum age is 11 years and every team must have at least one adult (18+) in the group. We may accept requests for children down to 9 years old on a case by case basis. Contact us to discuss before booking. You will be asked to confirm ages when booking. There is no upper age limit!

How do you protect my data?

Please read our Privacy Policy